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The importance of understanding groundwater conditions at your site cannot be overstated. Whether the site is a new facility and groundwater information is required to ensure site suitability, or if the wells are being installed as a part of a contaminated site investigation, we have the professionals in place to determine the ideal well placement and construction details. Details of the well construction vary but items to consider include location, number of wells, auger type, size, depth, material, screening method, filters, annulus seal and surface construction.

Following the installation correct well development is crucial to ensure accurate performance data and sample results. We utilize methods from standard setting organizations and professional guidance to conduct appropriate well development.

Sample methodology and frequency is site specific and will depend on a number of factors including monitoring purpose, regulatory requirements, flow regime, contaminants of concern and environmental receptors. We will design a monitoring program that utilizes the appropriate schedule and methodology to meet the project needs. 

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