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We have extensive experience responding to small- and large-scale spills and are well aware of the phases that these projects will progress through. We provide expedited service by knowing what to expect and how to prepare for inevitable scope changes throughout the course of the remediation. As project costs are directly influenced by days on site, organizing project phases to run in tandem, or at a minimum, finish to start with minimal lag time between phases, will increase the efficiency of the project and reduce overall costs.

We have experience with different remedial approaches including landfarming, bioremediation, phytoremediation, leachate collection, excavation, encapsulation and groundwater remediation. We utilize a network of professionals to ensure the most pragmatic cost-effective remedial solution is employed.

We customize remedial solutions to meet individual client needs while meeting all stakeholder obligations. For emergency spill response contact (306) 457-7533.

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